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Published Works


"Anglo-Saxon Dreams" in Africa South, Cape Town, Vol. 2 No.1. Oct.-Dec. 1957.
"Trance Dance for the Cape Khoisan" New Coin, Grahamstown, Vol. 21 No. 1 June 1985. Reprinted in S.A. in Poesie/ S.A. in Poetry (ed. Johan van Wyk et.al.) Pinetown , S.A. , Owen Burgess, 1988, p.818 : ISBN 0620 11275 1

Short story:
"I Had a Black Man" in Africa South, London , Vol. 6 No. 1, Oct.-Dec. 1961. Reprinted in "Come Back Africa - Fourteen Stories from South Africa" edited by Herbert L.Shore and Mechelina Shore-Bos, Seven Seas Publishers, Berlin 1968 / 1975.

"Shades of Brown" in Market Plays (ed. Stephen Gray), Ad. Donker Press, Johannesburg , 1986 : ISBN 0 86852 070 5